Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plan Hospital stays can be a costly financial burden on an individual or family. While health insurance plans will cover most medical expenses, they won’t usually cover other living expenses. At ePlatinumHealth, we understand that while you’re in the hospital you’d like to keep your life running as normally as possible. A Hospital Indemnity Insurance plan, also known as hospitalization insurance, is a low-cost additional insurance option that pays a fixed daily amount for the duration of your hospital stay. Hospital Indemnity plans work alongside Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage plans, as well as Individual or Family insurance plans. Hospital Indemnity plans are also customizable and can be tailored to fit your needs and your budget. Speak to one of our licensed agents for a quote and get the peace of mind that comes with protecting your assets and your family.

How much does Hospital Indemnity cost?

The cost of a Hospital Indemnity plan will depend on your age, pre-existing health, and the amount of coverage you pursue. The costs aren’t usually high. Someone 30-40 years of age likely pays $5 or less per month, and someone 60-65 years of age likely pays around $30 per month.

Is a Hospital Indemnity Plan worth it?

According to, a 3-night stay in a hospital costs, on average, $30,000. The average American may not have the money to pay for such expensive medical care, so an insurance plan that helps cover costs associated with hospital stays provides additional financial support.

In some cases, a patient may be responsible to pay out-of-pocket for unexpected expenses arising from hospital stay, such as deductibles, copays for doctor visits, expenses from out-of-network providers, and prescriptions. Hospital insurance helps pay for additional medical costs that a patient’s current health insurance won’t pay for during a hospital stay. With Hospital Indemnity coverage, the policyholder gets paid directly, so they can choose how they want to spend the money.

Hospital Indemnity vs. Health Insurance

Unlike medical health insurance, which is tied to specific services, Hospital Indemnity payouts are triggered after certain events, such as a night spent in the hospital or an ambulance ride. And because the payouts aren’t tied to specific medical services, they can be used for anything the policyholder would like – even non-health related costs such as bills and groceries. It can even be used to pay the deductible for your medical insurance.

A low-cost plan with big benefits!

Making a Wise Investment

The future is not known by anyone. You never know if or when you’ll get sick, be involved in an accident, or become otherwise injured. At ePlatinumHealth, we know that all too often with physical difficulty comes financial worry. Our agents are eager to provide you with a Hospital Indemnity plan that suits your budget AND protects you financially should hardship arise. We are happy to meet in person or simply speak on the phone to discuss finding a plan that works for you.

For minimal cost, invest in peace of mind.